Here you will have a glimpse into my research and educational activities.

My team designs and optimizes antenna arrays for next-generation wireless systems!

Our applications are cellular & satellite communications and radars for various use cases.

About Me

My Ph.D. ceremony in Delft, Aug. 2020

I work as an Assistant Professor at the Delft University of Technology (TU Delft), The Netherlands, in the Microwave Sensing, Signals and Systems (MS3) Section. I received my B.Sc. degree with double specialization in Communications and Microwaves/Antennas from the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Middle East Technical University, Ankara, Turkey, in 2014, and the M.Sc. (Cum Laude, with the Justus & Louise van Effen Scholarship) and Ph.D. degrees (Cum Laude) in Electrical Engineering from Delft University of Technology, Delft, The Netherlands, in 2016 and 2020, respectively. My Ph.D. thesis was titled "Antenna Array Synthesis and Beamforming for 5G Applications: An Interdisciplinary Approach". Following my Postdoctoral Research at TU Delft, I started working in my current role. 

My research interests lie in the field of phased arrays for next-generation communication and sensing systems, including array optimization, cooling, multibeam antennas, and beamforming algorithms.

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June 2024


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Current Ph.D. students:

N. B. Onat - Started in Sep. 2021 
Topic: Machine-learning driven phased array design and beamforming 

F. T. Çelik - Started in Jul. 2022
Topic: Integrated antenna design and cooling concepts in active phased arrays

C. Zhao - Started in Nov. 2023
Topic: Wave polarimetry in 6G communication and sensing

M. Ivanyi - Started in May 2024
Topic: Fast characterization of active phased array systems with the Antenna Dome

A. Lamoral - Starts in Oct 2024
Topic: DoAnt: Joint development of sparse antenna array topology and high resolution DoA estimation

N. Cancrinus - Starts in Oct 2024
Topic: Multibeam front-end architectures for Satcom terminals

Current Researchers:

R. Vergez - Started in Mar. 2022
Topic: Multiple Beam Hybrid Array Antenna for Satcom and for 5G and Beyond

Current M.Sc. students:

A. Kannan - Started in Nov. 2023
Topic: Detection of Faulty Elements in IC-Controlled Phased Arrays Using Sparse Far-Field Data: A Machine-Learning Approach

K. Qi - Started in Sep. 2023 (in collaboration with TU Delft Electronic Instrumentation Lab.)
Topic: RF energy harvesting concepts

K. C. Gonzalez - Started in Feb 2023
Topic: Differentially-fed dual-functional antennas

Previous M.Sc. students:

N. Gopakumar - Graduated in Dec. 2023 (co-supervisor role, in collaboration with TU Delft ECTM) - Joined  University of Nevada, Las Vegas as a PhD student after graduation
Topic: Wireless biodegradable resonant circuit for strain sensor in hip implant applications

R. Kooij - Graduated in Sep. 2023 (in collaboration with NXP Semiconductors)  -  Joined TNO after graduation
Topic: 6G antenna-in-package beam forming system modeling

S. N. Subramani - Graduated in Aug. 2023 (in collaboration with TU Delft DCSC Section)
Topic: Optimally sparse and adaptive far-field sampling and pattern reconstruction 

X. Wang - Graduated in Aug. 2023  - Joined Ericsson after graduation
Topic: A preliminary study towards mm-wave wireless network topology optimization using ray tracing

K. A. Nair - Graduated in Aug. 2023 (in collaboration with DLR) - Joined NXP Semiconductors after graduation
Topic: Design of a wideband wide-angle scanning mm-wave dielectric resonator antenna array with additive manufacturing capabilities for Satcom

W. Chen - Graduated in Jun. 2023 (in collaboration with TU Delft NAS Section) - Joined Valeo after graduation
Thesis: System performance evaluation of hybrid beamforming with shaped beam patterns for mm-wave 5G base stations

C. Zhao - Graduated in Jun. 2023 -  Joined TU Delft as a PhD student after graduation
Thesis: Design of series-fed antenna array design with reduced beam squint and distortion

Q. Liu - Graduated in Sep. 2022 (in collaboration with NXP Semiconductors)  -  Joined  NMi Certin B.V. after graduation
Thesis: Design of the AiP feeding lines for 6G applications in a high definition fan-out technology

N. Birari - Graduated in Aug. 2022 - Joined  Temporary Works Design (TWD) after graduation
Thesis: Power consumption analysis of 5G transmit antenna topologies and beamforming schemes

F. Stallone - Graduated in Aug. 2022 from Politecnico di Torino, Grenoble INP-Phelma, EPFL (co-supervisor role) -  Joined  TU Delft as a researcher after graduation
Thesis: Design, fabrication and characterization of a magnesium-based split ring resonator for pH and strain detection

A. Balasubramanian - Graduated in Oct. 2021  - Joined Ericsson after graduation
Thesis: mm-Wave Heatsink Antenna Array Design for Low-Sidelobe and Low-Temperature

G. Sudhakaran - Graduated in Sep. 2021 - Joined Ericsson after graduation
Thesis: Modeling and simulation of future multi-user communication systems

M. Buenaventura-Camps - Graduated in Jun. 2021 - Joined Robin Radar Systems after graduation
Thesis: Design of a sparse irregular array for beyond 5G base stations

S. Salman - Graduated in Aug. 2018 - Went back to Pakistan after graduation due to company contract
Thesis: Analysis of Antenna and RF Front-End Topologies for Multi-Beam Systems


Electrical Engineering Master- and Bachelor-level courses at TU Delft:

M.Sc. Thesis Topics

Below you can find a list of available Master thesis projects I offer at TU Delft. Please contact me for further details !

Antenna and beamformer design oriented projects:

Array signal processing and optimization oriented projects:

Communication system oriented projects:

Internship Topics

I offer academic projects for internship at TU Delft under the course ET4399. You can contact me for further details or come up with your own proposals !

Open Positions

We, the Microwave Sensing, Signals and Systems (MS3) Section at TU Delft, are an inter-disciplinary and multi-national team of researchers from academia and industry, in which antenna, signal processing, and circuit design experts collaborate to create novel wireless system solutions for the emerging communication and sensing applications.

We have built our expertise on years of research and development in the area of active phased arrays, in strong collaboration with the external partners (e.g. NXP, TNO, Thales, ESA). We are one of the leading research teams in Europe in the development of the next-generation integrated antenna array technology. We aim for the design of highly integrated arrays for efficient and cost-effective antenna and front-end solutions.

We are actively looking for self-motivated researchers to join our team who will be involved in the ongoing antenna design-oriented research projects in collaboration with our industrial partners.

We currently have a PhD vacancy on 6G radio resource management for JCAS!


I'd love to hear from you.